Application Service Provider Requirements

Application Service Providers interested in being approved by the Mobile Giving Foundation (MGF) must meet the following criteria:

  1. ASP services a sustainable portfolio of non-profit clients
  2. ASP is familiar with the consumer best practice requirements from the Mobile Marketing Association and CTIA and is good standing with all major wireless carriers
  3. ASP has to be financially stable and has to provide transparency of their management team and governance information on their corporate website
  4. ASP must be rated by their local affiliate
  5. ASP has to complete an ASP application (provided on request)

Mobile Giving Foundation provides the following services to ASP:

  1. MGF provides access to shared giving short codes like 20222, 41010, 80100, 52000 and 501501
  2. All message flows for donations are managed on the MGF platform
  3. MGF provides real-time reporting tools. A copy of all transactions will be provided to ASP via API for reporting integration into ASP tools
  4. All participating charities must initially qualify under the MGF standards
  5. 100% of all donation funds will be distributed from the donor to the carrier to the MGF as a donor advised fund beneficiary. MGF will take into account the public donor’s recommendation for the pre-qualified charity when issuing a grant a recipient charity
  6. MGF will charge the ASP certain fees for setup, training, monthly operations, including pledge reporting and access to the MGF platform

If you only have a limited number of charity clients and do not want to financially commit to a full ASP partnership with the MGF, please contact us or one of our approved ASP partners to discuss an agency agreement with a current ASP.

Supporting Partners