The Mobile Giving Foundation serves as the “glue” between a charitable giving campaign, the wireless industry and the 250 million wireless users in the United States. MGF processes and vets applications from nonprofit organizations wishing to deploy wireless technology in their communication and fundraising activities because we know it is critical to have a trusted third party—in this case, MGF—affirm the quality and integrity of nonprofits using this technology to solicit contributions. Once approved, MGF develops fundraising campaigns in conjunction with established mobile marketing firms and the nonprofit. Our messaging platform is then used by wireless carriers through their short message service (SMS) centers. (SMS is a communications protocol that allows the exchange of brief text messages between mobile telephone devices.) The wireless carriers pass 100% of the charitable funds they collect through to MGF. The MGF also remits 100% of the donation to the recipient nonprofit within 30 days of receiving funds from the wireless carriers. The MGF charges back costs for short-code costs, reporting and messaging charges directly to the nonprofit organizations or their supporting service providers on a post-donation basis.