Getting Started

Are you a Non-Profit Organization looking to incorporate the mobile giving channel into your fundraising campaign?

To find out if your organization is qualified to conduct mobile giving campaigns, please download the MGF Guidelines. If eligible, please contact one of our approved Application Service Providers (ASPs), and then request an MGF NPO Application package by emailing

If you have additional questions, please contact the Mobile Giving Foundation directly at

How it Works

The Mobile Giving Foundation serves as the link between a charitable giving campaign, the wireless industry and the 280 million wireless users in the US. The MGF maintains contracts with most wireless operators.  The MGF vets all NPOs that use the mobile channel, certify all mobile giving programs, provide industry-wide guidance for charitable campaigns and establish, with industry-wide input, the guidelines and standards for mobile giving. Additionally, we bill for the donation through our platform and carrier connectivity, help NPOs market their campaigns, collect funds generated through mobile giving campaigns from the carriers and then distribute the collected funds directly to the recipient charity.  The MGF is also responsible for issuing the donor receipt as your partner.

Pricing for mobile giving campaigns is determined by you and your ASP based on the package of services needed. Pricing may include a mobile giving campaign charge invoiced from the MGF to the ASP.  ASPs may be selected based on their alignment with your charity’s vision, goals and budget. Each approved ASP has gone through a detailed application process and will comply with the MGFs standards. However, working with an ASP is optional. In all cases: your costs at a minimum will be based on the number of campaigns (i.e. keywords and donation amounts) you have in market per calendar month.

When a qualified NPO has selected an approved ASP, two contractual agreements will be made; one between the NPO and the ASP, and the other between the the NPO and the MGF.